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Innovative. Personal. Mouthwatering cookbook

Innovative. Personal. Mouthwatering cookbook

Innovative. Personal. Mouthwatering cookbook Innovative. Personal. Mouthwatering cookbook Innovative. Personal. Mouthwatering cookbook

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Come to meet us:

-Saturday, January 15th, at the beautiful Italian Place in Old Town Alexandria. 

From 7:30PM


We organized  a lovely Valentine's Dinner Event at #TheItalianPlace: the atmosphere, company, food and wine were outstanding: Italian Appetizers, Beef Wellington and Valentine's Crostatine were the stars at the table. Not to mention the presentation and food demonstration done by Chef Mauro. What a marvelous evening!

What a nice evening we had yesterday at the Italian Place in Old Town Alexandria! Chef Mauro's Cooking Demonstration was outstanding, as usual. All the guest were so kind with us: they loved the company, food, wine and our book. Amazing indeed!

A very nice day at the #MountVernonUnitarianChurch Holiday Market Event! The organization was perfect and all the customers we had the pleasure to meet were adorable indeed. So many people showed a genuine interest in our book about Northern Italian cuisine and traditions. Thank you.

The NIAF event was fantastic indeed; great vendors and amazing customers and friends!

We are very satisfied that the Retirement Party we organized yesterday was successful.



  1. My friend Katherine spent some  time cooking yesterday and she wrote: "I tried some recipes from your book today: Polpette al sugo della nonna and Strudel di mele. Delicious!
  2. James Adamos bought the book and his reaction was: "Wow! I love the book! Wonderful pictures!!!"
  3. Diana Mariotti came to our book signing and she wrote: "It was a wonderful event and lots of fun. Bravi Nicoletta Scarnera and Mauro Molino! The book is lovely and lives up to its name - Delectable!"
  4. My dear neighbor Tess likes to describe my meat sauce saying: "Best meat sauce ever! I've been trying to replicate the recipe as it is my son's all times favorite meal and he tells me: it is close, but not as good as Miss Nico's."
  5. Here below, Chef Molino and I attending in DC the XX Food Festival organized by The Organization of American States,with Ambassador Marilina Armellin and Chief Translator Diana Mariotti.
  6. Myself inside the OSA building during the celebration for the Italian national day

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Chef decorating a dish

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Spectacular view around the Vigezzo Valley

Chef Mauro Molino

 Born at the very beginning of the 1970s’and raised in the beautiful Piedmont countryside from which he inherited a love for meat and game and his loyalty to culinary traditions and quality. His style of cooking is classic, formed during his attendance at the Culinary Institute in Turin and the prestigious Bocuse Academy in Lyon, but also based on an appreciation for local products. Always fascinated by the different tastes and aromas he encountered while working throughout Europe and the United States, his purpose is to make the others appreciate the pleasure and satisfaction of good eating.  In his words, “food is health, health is happiness and happiness is wellbeing.”


Nicoletta Shane Scarnera


Nicoletta Shane, is also Italian, born not too far away from Piedmont, in the Lombardy region city of Pavia.  She has spent many summers in the Piedmont mountains over her life and has also developed a passion for the region and its traditions.  A lawyer by education and trade, passionate about writing, and a gourmand by nature, in the true French sense of the term, she combined these traits to collaborate on this book with Chef Mauro.


Mixed Fried Platter

This recipe is a staple in Piedmont, in particular around the city of Biella. It was a traditional popular dish, very convivial and typically served in spring time.

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